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About Mark

I'm Grace's husband, Mark. If you've visited her pages you'll have read that she sees herself as a 'late developer'. Well I suppose I am too. I began my watercolour journey some years ago now, but it's fair to say it was late in life. However, its roots go back many years. As a boy growing up in Cumbria, I was always drawn to the paintings of my rather eccentric uncle, Ernest Glaister, a local watercolourist. My father would often make the frames for his paintings so I was constantly exposed to his work and still have some on my walls at home - a constant source of inspiration. Living where we did he was never short of beautiful scenery to paint.

With such inspirational influence, I was inevitably drawn to landscapes myself and now, like him, I have beauty all around. I paint almost exclusively the stunning scenery around our home in North Norfolk. I can only describe the recurring theme across my artwork as: "I paint what Norfolk means to me". It is tranquil and unspoilt (for the most part) and yet quite fragile.

Sadly, these days I'm rather restricted and unable to paint en plein air so largely rely on photographs and more than occasionally portray watercolour versions of Grace's wonderful images (if you haven't already, you can view examples of her photos on the companion part of the website by clicking 'Home' above). However, this can occasionally limit my output of original paintings.​ Also, whilst there are recurring motifs across my work, I am not a ‘formula’ or a 'to order' painter so that in turn sometimes restrains what inspires me. On the other hand it does mean, at least for me, each original and its limited edition prints has a distinctive quality. Less is more - as they say.

In my pages here, you'll find a small selection of my artwork. I hope you enjoy them and if you're interested in acquiring any of those marked for sale, do get in touch at:

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